Treasuries and Accounts

Treasury is the custodian of Government Money.

All the Treasuries were functioning under the control of Treasuries and Accounts Department.

In 1954, The Pay and Accounts Office was formed in Chennai, then Madras city, combining the work of treasury functions and audit functions, under the administrative control of Finance Department.
In 1962, The Department of Treasuries and Accounts was formed. All the District Treasuries (12 District excluding Chennai at that time), Sub Treasuries under the control of District Treasuries and PAO, Chennai were brought under the control of T & A Department with overall administrative control of Finance Department.

O/o the District Treasury, Thiruvarur Unit

Contact Details(TO/ATO) – Thiruvarur
Sl.No Treasury Name / Address of the Office Designation Land line No
01 DT-Thiruvarur TREASURY OFFICER 04366-225763
02 ST-Thiruvarur ASSISTANT TREASURY OFFICER  04366-223760
03 ST-Thiruthuraipoondi ASSISTANT TREASURY OFFICER 04369-223787
04 ST-Mannargudi ASSISTANT TREASURY OFFICER 04367-227500
05 ST-Needamangalam ASSISTANT TREASURY OFFICER 04367-260222
06 ST-Kudavasal ASSISTANT TREASURY OFFICER 04366-260600
07 ST-Nannilam ASSISTANT TREASURY OFFICER 04366-230355
08 ST – Valangaiman ASSISTANT TREASURY OFFICER 04374-264845


  1. Receipt of Government Money.
  2. Payments on behalf of Government
  3. Pension payments
  4. Sale of stamps through vendors
  5. Compilation of Government Accounts (District Wise)
  6. Safe Custody of Valuables
  7. Maintenance of Accounts for Local Funds/Personal Deposits etc.
  8. Implementation of schemes like group insurance for AIS officers, Local body employees and New Health Insurance Schemes for Government employees.

The following Number of Pensioners gets their monthly pension thorough ECS

Sl.No Category No of Pensioner under Pilot for the month of 03/2018
1 CIVIL 7380
5 OTHERS 963
TOTAL 13118

Jeevan Pramaan

Jeevan Pramaan is a biometric enabled digital service for pensioners. Pensioners of Central Government, State Government or any other Government organization can take benefit of this facility.

Jeevan Pramaan uses the Aadhaar platform for biometric authentication of the pensioner.
A successful authentication generates the Digital Life Certificate which gets stored in the Life Certificate Repository. The Pension Disbursing Agencies can access the certificate on-line.

On the annual mustering time (April to June) , the pensioners also mustering through jeevan pramaan.(

Stamps Sales:

In District Treasury Thiruvarur Unit 53 Stamp Vendors get their stampsregularly from the respective Sub Treasuries.

Implementation Process:

IFHRMS Project(Integrated Financial & Human Resource Management System):

The IF & HRMS would be implemented in the Finance Department, Treasuries and all user departments and it would bring core treasury and resource management functions into one unified system. The proposed system will be based on a centralized architecture, where all the servers will be hosted at a central location, i.e., Data Centre (with replication at Disaster Recovery and Near Disaster Recovery) and all the users will access the application using either Internet or Intranet at the departmental offices.

The IF&HRMS shall include the following modules:

  1. Budget
  2. Accounts
  3. Letter of Credit
  4. Personnel Management and Payroll
  5. Pension
  6. Fund Management
  7. Virtual Treasury
  8. Banking Interface
  9. AG Interface
  10. Financial Data warehouse
  11. Inventory Management
  12. Strong room safety and Stamp Management
  13. On line grievances etc.,
  14. Employee e-service register management