Udayamarthandapuram Birds Sactuary

Udayamarthandapuram Bird Sanctuary is a protected area located in Thiruvarur District in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is declared as a protected area in December 1999. It is home to a variety of birds. Geographical position of Udayamarthandapuram Bird Sanctuary is 10°26’59’N 79°27’58’E. The Udayamarthandapuram Bird Sanctuary covers an area of around 0.45 sq km and is fed by an irrigation tank that receives water from the Mettur Dam and also by the northeast monsoon from the months of August till December. The tank remains dry between the months of April and August.

During the months of February and March, purple-moorhen and openbill storks can be seen here. Other migratory birds in the sanctuary include the white-ibis, Indian reef heron, white-necked stork, grey-heron, coot, night heron, purple-heron, little cormorant, spoonbill and darter

From September through December, the bird population inhabiting the sanctuary rises to around 10,000 birds. The ideal season to visit this sanctuary is during the months of November and December.


The Sanctuary’s diverse habitat includes lily patches, reed brakes, aquatic grass, etc.


Several types of birds can be seen here from September onwards. A large number of Purple Moorhen and Open bill storks can be seen during the months of February and March. Many migratory birds also visit the sanctuary like Coot, Grey Heron, Black headed Ibis, Night Heron, Purple Heron, Little cormorant, Darter, Spoonbill, Indian Reef Heron and White necked stork. About 10000 birds congregate here during peak season from November- December.

A notable aspect of the sanctuary is the large number of purple moorhen and openbill storks during February and March. Birds start arriving sanctuary from September onwards. Bird population peaks during November- December up to 10000 birds congregate during peak season. A notable aspect of the Sanctuary is regular congregation of a large number of Openbill storks during February – March.

Tourists can visit the sanctuary throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the sanctuary in during the month of November. Two public observation towers have been built for the tourists inside the sanctuary. There are accommodation facilities available in PWD Rest House and private lodges in Muthupet and Thiruthuraipoondi. The sanctuary is open to visitors throughout the year. There are two watch towers inside the sanctuary for visitors

Wildlife Viewing: The best time to visit the sanctuary is during November
The sanctuary is open to visitors throughout the year.

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How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest International Airport from Udayamarthandapuram is Tiruchirapalli International Airport, Tamil Nadu, roughly three hour drive from Udayamarthandapuram (124 Kms). It is well connected to a spectrum of cities in India and abroad such as Bangalore, Chennai, Singapore, and Malaysia etc. through Air India, Spice Jet and Jet Airways etc.

By Train

Nearest railway station is Thiruthuraipoondi. 18 Kms from Thiruthuraipoondi to Udayamarthandapuram

By Road

Udayamarthandapuram is linked by road from important places of the state. Nearest bus-stop Udayamarthandapuram. 18 Kms from Thiruthuraipoondi. 48 Kms fromThiruvarur.