Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation



The Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation is a State owned Public Sector Company registered under the Companies Act 1956. This corporation was registered under section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 in the name “TAMIL NADU CIVIL SUPPLIES CORPORATION” w.e.f. 01.04.2010. It procures, stock and distribute essential commodities for PDS, Spl.PDS and Noon Meal Programme. The Corporation operates departmental stores as a market intervention measure to control prices of essential commodities like rice, dhall, vegetables like onion, tomato etc, in the open market. The Corporation has been the nodal agency for procurement of Fan, Mixie and Grinder, a flagship programme of the Government.
There are 11 Directors in the Board of the Corporation including Chairman. Hon’ble Minister for food and Civil Supplies is the Chairman of the Board of Director of Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation. The Managing Director looks after the day to day administration of the Corporation.
The Corporation has 33 Regions, Each Revenue Districts coincides with one Region except Chennai. Chennai is bifurcated as North and South Region to cater the needs of people.



The main functions of Corporation are to procure essential commodities like rice, sugar, wheat, etc., storage and movement of such stocks for its distribution from the Taluk operational godowns to various public distribution system outlets through the Co-operative Societies and other agencies. The Corporation also under takes procurement of paddy, hulling, and utilization of rice under decentralized procurement system.

1. Stock and Distribute Essential Commodities for Public Distribution System & Speical PDS:

The essential commodities of rice, wheat, sugar, polmolein oil & pulses are purchased from FCI and Sugar Mills and other firms and to move the commodities to storage godowns located at 1. Thiruvarur 2. Kodavasal 3. Achuthamangalam 4. Alangudi 5. Athanoour 6. Moolangudi 7. Mannargudi 8. Perugavalthan & 9. Keelapandi. As per District Supply officers allotment order we have move the essential commodities to 716 No’s of Co-operative retail shops and police, fire personals.

2. Puratchi Thalaivar MGR Noon Meal Programme :

This scheme was introduced with effect from 01.07.1982 covering children in the age group of 2 to 4+ in the pre-school centres (by Social Welfare Department ) and of 5 to 9+ in the school centres (by Education Department). This was subsequently extended to children in the age group of 10 to 14+. From 15.01.1983. the scheme was extended to old age pensioners who opted for cooked food once a day from the pre-school centres.
We have issued to essential commodities ie., rice, oil, dhalL, are moved to Anganvadi Childrens and school students for midday meals to Government Schools located in Thiruvarur District.

3. Amma Amutham Departmental Stores :

The Corporation operates departmental stores as a market intervention measure to control prices of essential commodities like rice, dhall, vegetables like onion, tomato etc, in the open market located at Kodavasal, Needamangalam, and Thiruthuraipoondi.

4. Amma Cement :

The Amma Cement Scheme couldn’t possibly have been timed better. With the industry reeling from the stark increase in cement prices (almost 40 per cent) over the past few months, the new scheme is expected to have a tangible impact on the construction industry. Aimed at the lower and middle classes, the social incentive scheme will see Tamil Nadu Cements Corporation (TNCC) providing cement at a subsidised cost (Rs. 190 for a 50 kg bag), by procuring it cheap from manufacturers in the state. It is estimated that over two lakh metric tonnes of cement would be sold through local bodies every month, on account of this scheme. “Beneficiaries can avail anywhere between 50 bags of cement (for 100 sq. ft) and 750 bags (for 1,500 sq. ft), against the submission of an approved building plan. An additional 10-100 bags can be availed for house repair works,” according to a representative of TNCC.

5. O.A.P :

As per G.O. Ms.No. 771. Social Welfare Department dated 12.02.1996, the Government of Tamil Nadu introduced a scheme of free supply of rice to the old age pensioners with effect from 01.11.1980 to 01.05.1989 and revived it from 15.09.1991.
To overcome the impediments in implementing and settling claims under this scheme, the Government of Tamil Nadu in the G.O. Ms. No.32 CF&CP Department dated 12.02.1996 issued the following instructions.

a. Rice should be supplied to the retails outlets of Co.operatives free of cost on the basis of the allotments made by the Civil Supplies authorities.
b. The TNCSC should initially bear the handling margin, which will be the same as the margin allowed for PDS rice from time to time.


Annapoorna scheme of Government of India for providing food grains to Destitutes / Senior Citizens who are above the age of 65 years covered under OAP scheme has been implemented in our State from 2002-2003 by the Government of Tamil Nadu vide G.O.Ms.No. 7 Social Welfare and Nutritions Meal Programme Department dated 18.01.2002.

The beneficiaries as identified by the District Collectors, are entitled for 10 Kgs of rice per month on free of cost.


The Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd. made a beginning in the field of local procurement of paddy and rice from Samba 1973 through levy and direct purchases. It procured a quantity of 4,941 Rice Tonnes during the financial year out of a total quantity of 27,709 Rice Tonnes procured on behalf of Government of Tamil Nadu during Samba 1973. There are two main seasons for procuring paddy in Tamil Nadu.

  • Kuruvai: 1 st October to 15 th December.
  • Samba : 16 th December to 31 st July.

The procurement operation which commenced from Samba 1973 continued thereafter under various systems like monopoly procurement, parallel procurement, levy system, etc., upto 30-09-2002 either individually or in combination depending upon the circumstances at various point of time.
From 01-10-2002 Government of Tamil Nadu has adopted Decentralised system of procurement as per the Minimum Support Price and uniform specification fixed by the Government of India. The Corporation has become the sole agency of procurement on behalf of Food Corporation of India and the paddy procured is hulled through its own Modern Rice Mills and private hullers. The custom milled rice is adjusted against the central pool allotment made to the State by Government of India. The system of procurement in Tamil Nadu was made strictly by the Corporation from the farmers without involving any intermediaries by opening larger number of Direct Purchase Centres in various villages with the substantial quantity of procurement still used to come from the Cauvery delta area. The procurement in other potential districts is also being encouraged by the Corporation and the State Government. The Corporation is having 23 Modern Rice Mills mostly concentrated in the Cauvery delta areas and the paddy procured is hulled through these mills and also through the private Hulling Agents enrolled by the Corporation.



01 KMS 2005 – 2006 317 4,47,000
02 KMS 2006 – 2007  349  5,15,000
03 KMS 2007 – 2008  370  4,22,786
04 KMS 2008 – 2009  317  5,11,376
05 KMS 2009 – 2010  379  5,00,137
06 KMS 2010 – 2011  385  6,01,940
07 KMS 2011 – 2012  416  6,65,000
08 KMS 2012 – 2013  353  2,69,695
09 KMS 2013 – 2014  429  3,79,168
10 KMS 2014 – 2015  433  5,30,103
11 KMS 2015 – 2016  434  5,30,831
12 KMS 2016 – 2017  296  1,12,145
13 KMS 2017 – 2018
(UP TO 12.04.2018)
 416  3.50.000


    • Senior Regional Manager office : 1 (Thiruvarur)
    • Unit Office : 2 (Thiruvarur and Mannargudi)
    • Modern Rice Mill : 2 (Thiruvarur and Sundarakottai)
    • Taluk Godowns : 9 (Thiruvarur, Achuthamangalam, Kodavasal,
      Alangudi,Athanoour, Mannargudi, Moolangudi,
      Perugavalthan and Keelapandi)
    • RAIL HEAD : 3 ( Thiruvarur, Needamangalam and Peralem)
    • Covered and Plinth (CAP Storage Point) : 19
    • Rented Godowns : 1. C.W.C. PAMANI.
    • Amma Amutham Departmental Stores (ADS) :
      (1.Thiruthuraipoondi 2. Kodavasal