Noon Meal Programme

History and objective of the Nutritious Noon Meal Programme

The concept of “Midday Meal “ has long history in india and particularly in Tamil Nadu, Way Back in 1925. a midday meal programme was introuduced for children belonging to poor social economic strata in the Madras Corporation area. The dovetailing of meal with education also it has a long history in that, along with the introduction of the “Midday Meal” Programme, the Madras government also introduced in 1926 the “ Scheme of Compulsory elementary Education “ in 26 Municipal areas including the corporation on Madras, with the aim of universalizing primary education.

TAMIL NADU’S MIDDAY MEAL SCHEME Puratchi Thalaivar MGR Nutritious Meal Programme (PT.MGR.NMP) the programme was initially introduced in the rural area for pre-school childrens in the age group 2-5 years and for primary school children in the age group 5-9 years. Subsequently from July of 1982, this scheme was extended to urban areas.
The main objective of the scheme, as reiterated in “ Policy Note 2002-2003” of Tamil Nadu Government’s department of social welfare and nutritious meal programme, is “ to provide adequate nutritious to economically disadvantage children to improve the health and nutritional status of children to develop their mental and physical ability and to increase the enrolment in school and reduce dropouts.

Further, to improve and to attract all the students under NMP, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu made an announcement on the floor of the Assembly on 02.11.2012 under Rule 110 of Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Rules by introducing new menu of 13 varieties on Rice and 4 types of Egg Masala by stating that the present menu of Rice and Sambar has been followed without any change for the past 30 years. Hence, the Government officials were directed to bring in the change of the menu in accordance with present day needs and desires of the children vide the G.O(Ms) No.267 Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal programme (Nmp-1) Dept.Dt.02.11.2012.

In Tiruvarur District Noon Meals with/we have distributed Nutritious Boiled eggs for 5 Days 86058 and Bananas 141 Students both Boys and Girls regulary.

As announced and introduced the new pattern of variety Meals 13 food items with masala eggs by Hon’ble chief minister of Tamil Nadu we have selected and implemented the scheme to the following schools in Nannilam Block. Viz.Panchayat Union elementary School, Poonthottam, Moongilkudy Middle school and Mappillaikkupam High School with effect from 20.03.2013 onwards.

Now all the students who are registered under the noon meal scheme they are regularly eating the need items of food announced by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister made an announcement on the floor of the Assembly on 02.11.2012 By introducing variety Meals under NMP.

The menu of Rice and Sambar has been followed without any change for the past 30 years. Hence, the Government officials were directed to bring in the change of the menu in accordance with present day needs and desires of the children as follows:


Sl.No Year of Announcement Subject and Nature of Announcement G.O.No& Dated Cost Estimate Stage of Announcement Remarks
1 2012-2013 13 Varieties of Rice and 4 types of Egg Masala G.O.(Ms), No.267 Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme (Nmp-1) Dept. Dt.02.11.2012 Recurring Expenditure 13 No of Varieties Meals have continuously been given to all students/ Beneficiary From 20.03.2013.


First Week and Third Week Menu

Day Details
Monday Vegetable Briyani + Pepper Egg
Tuesday Black Bengal gram pulav + Tomato Masala Egg
Wednesday Tomato Rice + Pepper Egg
Thursday Rice + Sambar + Boiled Egg
Friday Curry Leaf Rice or Keerai sadham + Masala Egg & chiily Fried Potato

Second Week and Fourth Week Menu

Day Details
Monday Sambar Sadham ( Bisibalbath) + Onion Tomato Masala Egg.
Tuesday Mixed Meal Maker & Vegetable Rice + Pepper Egg.
Wednesday Tamarind Rice + Tomatio Masala Egg
Thursday Lemon Rice + Sundal + Tomato Egg
Friday Rice + sambar + Boiled Egg and Fried Potato



Sl.No Details No.of Govt. Schools No.of Govt Aided Schools Total
01 Primary (I-V) 518 64 582
02 Upper Primary (VI-VII) 218 32 250
03 High Schools (IX-X) 70 10 80
04 Higher Secondary Schools 60 12 72
Total 866 118 984



Sl.No Details Rural Urban Total
01 I-V 42244 795 43039
02 VI – VII 27827 246 28073
03 IX-X 14871   75 14946
Total 84942 1116 86058

Supply of Egg –        85917
Supply of Banana –  141

Total Beneficiary’s  – 86058

85917 Beneficiaries are eating egg per day.

Checking Mechanism – Colour Based Egg Distribution

Day 1st week 2nd week 3rd week 4th week 5th week
Monday Green  Blue Violet gray  Blue
Wednesday Red Orange Purple Light green Orange
Thursday Black Yellow  Rose Light Violet Yellow

Noon Meal Staff Details as 31.01.2018

Sl.No Designation Sanctioned Filled Vacant
01 Organizer 984 844 140
02 Cook 984 868 116
03 Cook Assistan 986 714 272

Utilization of Central Assistance towards construction of
Kitchen cum Store Rooms Fund

Scheme Name Year Total Allocation
Total Allocation
Total Allocation
AS given
Completed Physical Completed
In progress
Surrender Amount
G.O (D) No.21 SW & NMP (Nmp-1) Dept. Dated 14.03.2013 Director of Scocial welfare & Nutritious Noon Meal programme Proceeding No.5567/Nmp 2/2012 Dt.10.10.2013 2012-2013 842 2122.6 214 198 536.35 16 1586.25

Modernization of kitchens – LPG

Scheme Name Year No. of Gas allotted No. of AS given No. fully completed including gas connection No. Civil work completed and stove procured No. yet to be started Remarks
G.O.(Ms) No.59 Social Welfare and Nmp (SW 4-3) Department dated 17.12.2014 2014-2015 984 974 421  974 Action is being taken to provide gas connection to the remaining 553 Centres. Due to insufficient place10 nmp centres AS not given.