Department of Fisheries

Head of the Department : Assistant Director of Fisheries
Contact Details : O/o. Assistant Director of Fisheries,
Room No. 210-13, Second Floor,
District Collector Office Additional Building,
Tiruvarur – 610 0043. Phone Number : 04366 – 224140
E-mail :


This office of the Assistant Director of Fisheries, Thiruvarur has been established by G.O. No. 58 of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries Department dated 27.04.2000. The office has the jurisdiction all over Thiruvarur District for the implementation of all the Marine, Inland and Brackish water fisheries development schemes.
Tiruvarur District is blessed with rich and diverse aquatic resources with respect to Fisheries Development. The Fisheries resources in the District provide livelihood to more than fifteen thousand fishermen including those who involved in marine, inland and brackish water fishing. The Government accords utmost priority for the safety and well being of the fishermen. Augmenting productivity in a sustainable manner and providing quality in value addition for the betterment of the livelihood and living standard of our fishermen are the core objective of the department.

Marine Fisheries

Thiruvarur District is one of the coastal district in Tamil Nadu lies on shore of Palk straight having coastal length of 47.2km. The District have 13 coastal villages in which, 2911 families fully engaged in the fishing activities. The population of fisher folk is 11439 which include 5955 males and 5484 females. 175 No. of Motorized fishing boats are the major craft used for fishing activities in the district.

The coastal villages are 1. Karaiyankadu, 2. Karpaganatharkulam, 3. Keezhavadiyakadu, 4. Munankadu, 5. Thondiyakadu, 6. Sengangadu, 7. Jambuvanodai, 8. Veeranvayal, 9. Uppur, 10. Karaithidal, 11. Alangadu, 12. Duraikadu and 13. Pettai
Marine fishermen welfare schemes are implemented through Sea Fishermen/Fisherwomen Co-operative societies. In Tiruvarur District, 9 Fishermen and 5 Fisherwomen societies are functioning successfully with a member of 4300 Fishermen and 1700 Fisherwomen.

The Sea Fishermen Co-operative societies are 1. Alangadu, 2. Duraikkadu, 3. Jambuvanodai, 4. Karpaganatharkulam, 5. Keelavadiyakkadu, 6. Munankadu, 7. Sengankadu, 8. Thondiyakkadu and 9. Vadakku Vellathikadu

The following schemes are implemented,

  1. Financial assistance to Marine Fishermen Families during Fishing Ban Period – Rs. 5000/-
  2. Financial assistance to Marine Fishermen Families during Fishing Lean Period – Rs. 5000/-
  3. National Fishermen Savings cum Relief Scheme (NFSRS) – Rs. 4500/-
  4. Tamil Nadu Fisherwomen Savings cum Relief Scheme (TNFWSRS) – Rs. 4500/-
  5. Group accident insurance scheme for fisher folk – Rs. 200000/-
  6. Issue of Biometric ID cards to the Fishermen/Fisherwomen

Inland Fisheries

Aquaculture is one of the promising sectors to meet out the nutritional security of ever growing population. Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture are important sectors of the District which generate employment opportunities and better access to protein rich food to the rural masses. Tiruvarur is considered as most productive delta district in Tamil Nadu. Thiruvarur has a highly potential area for inland fisheries activities. The river Cauvery and its tributaries are the main sources for riverine fisheries. Indian major carps and Chinese carps are the major fishes are being cultured.
In Tiruvarur district, 4 fish seed production centre, 30 fish seed rearing centers, 650 fish farms are functioning in private sector with an area of 950 Ha for augmenting fish production. At present Government Fish seed production and rearing centre have been established at Nallikottai of Mannargudi taluk for fulfill the seed demand in the District.

District Fish Farmers Development Agency (DFFDA)

The District Fish Farmers Development Agency created by merging of Freshwater Fish Farmers Agency (FFDA) and Brackish water Fish Farmers Agency (BFFDA) to popularize the fish culture activities and to generate employment opportunities in rural areas. The main activities of DFFDA is providing technical guidance and encouraging farmers to take up fish culture by extending subsidy assistance, besides imparting technical training and extension support to fish farmers. These District Fish Farmers Development Agencies are functioning under the Chairmanship of the District Collector. Fish Farmers, Fish Seed producers and shrimp farmers are enrolled in DFFDA.

Inland Fishermen Co-Operative Societies

The Inland fishermen engaged in fishing and allied activities are enrolled in Inland Fishermen Co-operative societies for getting benefitted through schemes. Fishing lease of Government water bodies are preferred to the members of Inland Fishermen Co-operative societies. In Tiruvarur district 6 Inland fishermen Cooperative societies are functioning successfully with a member of 3540.

The Inland Fishermen Co-operative societies are 1. Kudavasal, 2. Mannargudi, 3. Nannilam, 4. Needamangalam, 5. Tiruthuraipoondi and 6. Valangaiman

Schemes implemented:

Under Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Blue Revolution (50% Subsidy)

New Fish Farm Construction – Rs. 3.50 Lakh/Ha
Renovation of Existing Fish Farm – Rs. 1.75 lakh/Ha
Input subsidy – Rs. 0.75 lakh/Ha

Brackish water Fisheries

Coastal Aquaculture has been recognized as an important tool for employment generation and a vital source of food supply for meeting the food security and nutritional requirements of our growing population. In the context of increasing food security in the modern world, fish and fishery products are considered to be among the safest foods of animal origin. Tiruvarur District have rich natural resources in coastal areas for coastal aqua farming. The Coastal Shrimp farms are regulated and registered by Coastal Aquaculture Authority (CAA), Chennai under CAA act, 2005. In Tiruvarur District 154 shrimp farms are registered with Coastal Aquaculture Authority.

Fishermen Welfare Board

Tamil Nadu Fishermen Welfare Board established with a view to ensure social security and well being of fishermen and labourers engaged in fishing and allied activities, is functioning with its Head Office at Neelankarai, Chennai. The fishermen and labourers engaged in fishing and allied activities are being enrolled as a member. In order to ensure transparency in disbursement of relief/ assistance, within shortest period of time, the relief assistance is being disbursed to beneficiaries through National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT).
Relief assistance are given to Accidental Death, Natural Death, Funeral expense, Assistance for education to son and daughter of the member, Marriage assistance to member/member’s son/member’s daughter, Delivery, Miscarriage and termination of pregnancy.

Assistant Director of Fisheries